Online Voting

oscarA distinguished group of cyber security experts and voting rights advocates led by Common Cause came together to warn the public that Internet voting for the Academy Awards should not become a model for public elections.  Seligman Consulting successfully marketed the research for a successful tele-news conference that led to coverage in political, entertainment and tech media.
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GOOD Exchange

good2The Gates-funded GOOD Global Pop-Up Fellowship held a week-long series with participants selected from among 190 entries from 42 countries to the Global Neighborhood Challenge. The five community innovators from around the globe worked together at a repurposed vacant storefront in Downtown Los Angeles with local advocacy leaders to find new ways to strengthen the social fabric of their communities.
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Los Angeles joins Dallas, NY, VT, Colorado cities trend to halt fracking

By Karen Hansen,

Los Angeles, CA – The Los Angeles City Council was unanimous in its support of a motion for a moratorium on fracking this morning after over 100 presentations were made by residents whose complaints ranged from nose bleeds, to headaches, to cracks in their homes associated with when fracking began in the […]

Revolution Messaging: Dems on FEC ‘have no sense’

By Sean J. Miller, Campaigns & Elections

Revolution Messaging blasted the Democratic commissioners on the FEC Thursday after they voted against lifting a federal requirement for mobile advertising disclaimers.

The Democratic mobile advertising firm, which employs many Obama campaign alumni, had asked the Commission to treat cellphone ads the same as bumper stickers or campaign […]

Election officials say mobile political ads must come with disclaimers

By Brian Fung, The Washington Post

The Federal Election Commission is deadlocked on whether to exempt mobile ads from the disclaimers that appear by law on political messaging — throwing a wrench in the plans of a left-leaning communications firm and pitting its strategists against the FEC’s Democratic appointees.

The firm […]


plame-wilson_headshotNaomi was an invaluable part of the lawsuit we filed against the Bush Administration after my cover as a covert CIA operative was blown in an act of political revenge. It was a complicated story, set against the hugely contentious backdrop of the 2003 Iraq war. But Naomi made sure it was told loudly across the world — as it really happened, not as our detractors would have liked to frame it.
Valerie Plame Wilson, Former CIA operative
wickler-headshotNaomi Seligman is more than a media consultant. She’s the jet fuel for your rocket ship. She’s got moxie, and it’s infectious. She’ll help you figure out where you want to go, she’ll help you figure out how to get there—and then, working hand in hand with you, with her signature style (tough, creative, down-to-earth, hilarious, unflappable, get-shit-done) in full effect, she’ll fly with you into the stars.
Ben Wikler, The Flaming Sword of Justice and former #2 for and
weismann_headshotNaomi’s relentless energy, her refusal to be intimidated and her sheer inventiveness helped bring down some of the most corrupt politicians of our generation. She built CREW up from the very start, and her contributions are a key reason why CREW is now the country’s premiere ethics watchdog.
Anne Weismann, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington