Feminist Majority

When the Feminist Majority Foundation decided to pull its annual Global Women’s Rights Awards from the Beverly Hills Hotel because the hotel’s owner, the Sultan of Brunei, was set to impose Sharia law, its leaders called Seligman Consulting to make sure the world would know about his brutality. Stars from Ellen DeGeneres to Jay Leno as well as Virgin group founder Richard Branson urged travelers not to patronize any of the Sultan’s properties.
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Drunk Dial Congress

good2During the government shutdown, Revolution Messaging created DrunkDialCongress.org and invited furloughed government workers to enter their phone number and get connected to a random member of Congress so they could offer a piece of their mind about the 16-day shutdown. The site, which went viral, garnered thousands of stories from CNN to USA Today and attracted almost 700,000 unique visitors and generated 100,000 calls.
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Gang members use social media to organize, taunt — and represent

By Erika Aguilar, Southern California NPR

Hanging out on street corners for gang members has moved to hanging out on Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms – at least some of the time – academics and law enforcement officials said Wednesday at the L.A. gang violence conference.

What’s different between […]

Brunei’s Shari‘a Law Irks Hollywood Stars, Triggers Boycotts

David Stout, TIME

Hollywood businesses and celebrities have vowed to boycott the Dorchester Collection, a luxury hotel chain owned by the state-run Brunei Investment Agency, after the country implemented a strict Shari’a code last week.

The new criminal code will allow courts to amputate the limbs of thieves, stone convicted adulterers […]


plame-wilson_headshotNaomi was an invaluable part of the lawsuit we filed against the Bush Administration after my cover as a covert CIA operative was blown in an act of political revenge. It was a complicated story, set against the hugely contentious backdrop of the 2003 Iraq war. But Naomi made sure it was told loudly across the world — as it really happened, not as our detractors would have liked to frame it.
Valerie Plame Wilson, Former CIA operative
wickler-headshotNaomi Seligman is more than a media consultant. She’s the jet fuel for your rocket ship. She’s got moxie, and it’s infectious. She’ll help you figure out where you want to go, she’ll help you figure out how to get there—and then, working hand in hand with you, with her signature style (tough, creative, down-to-earth, hilarious, unflappable, get-shit-done) in full effect, she’ll fly with you into the stars.
Ben Wikler, The Flaming Sword of Justice and former #2 for Avaaz.org and Change.org
weismann_headshotNaomi’s relentless energy, her refusal to be intimidated and her sheer inventiveness helped bring down some of the most corrupt politicians of our generation. She built CREW up from the very start, and her contributions are a key reason why CREW is now the country’s premiere ethics watchdog.
Anne Weismann, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington